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ImprovPD supports professional growth and competency through improvised games and storytelling. We specialize in design, engineering, technical sciences, and education.


At ImprovPD we foster professional growth. Specifically we aim to:

  • Nurture inspiration, fun, and joy in the workplace.
  • Enhance skills in positive collaboration, listening, and observation.
  • Challenge professionals to develop confidence and overcome inhibitions.
  • Synthesize improvised exercises with professional skill sets.


ImprovPD is a collective of improv trainers and technical education professionals based in Austin, Texas.

Amar Dev

Photo of Amar Dev

"I’m a philosopher at heart. Specifically, I am fascinated by the philosophy of the creative process, which is what I explored for my BA and Masters. When I took my first improv class, I was completely taken by its universality. It didn’t matter what task I was engaged in...the precepts and principles of improv could, without fail, be applied to the process at hand. It’s no wonder that this meme, appropriately named applied improv, is beginning to spread through professional circles...for its sincerity promotes a creative innocence often lacking in the workplace. Ultimately, humans were designed to play...to have fun in their endeavors so that it becomes second nature to go beyond what was thought to be possible. This is how we become efficient and effective workers...for when we are inspired...our inherent creativity will kick in to handle any task imaginable...or unimaginable. I am delighted to have found this avenue for expression. It has helped me greatly in my journey towards excellence, and I can think of no better way of being in service to humanity than to spread this artform to all arenas of life."

Pius Wong

Photo of Pius Wong

"Hi, I'm Pius. I want to help others design better solutions. I'm an interdisciplinary engineer, stage improviser, Founder of an engineering and education consultancy called Pios Labs, and host of The K12 Engineering Education Podcast and the Engineering Word Of The Day podcast. In addition to the design and development work I do at Pios Labs, I offer workshops focused on using improv to grow your skills in engineering. Many of the ideas and techniques in these workshops are summarized in my book, Engineers' Guide to Improv and Art Games. Before founding Pios Labs, for over ten years I worked in orthopaedics and medical devices, robotics research, and engineering curriculum development, and I received a BS in Bioengineering and an MS in Mechanical Engineering. Talk to me about gaming, robots, healthcare, art, education, media, and any other field that could use some fun and problem-solving."

Rachel Fahrig

Photo of Rachel Fahrig

"My goal is to help educators and schools develop to their full potential. Since 2016 I've been an educational consultant specializing in school improvement. Before this, I developed high school science and engineering curricula and provided instructional support at The University of Texas at Austin, Round Rock ISD, the Texas Water Development Board, and the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services. I've taught secondary students for over ten years, in both public and non-traditional settings, and I've supported and led teachers and administrators for almost as much time. I received by BA from Western Michigan University, and I earned my MEd in Educational Leadership from Texas State University, San Marcos. Previously I've trained professionals using improv in various venues, including the CAST conference for Texas science teachers, the T-STEM conference for Texas school administrators, and the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference for designers and engineers."


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